Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunday ride - my god two weeks in a row

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Number of hills - 3
Instances of walking bike uphill - 0
Planned distance - 28 km
Actual distance ridden - 32 km (a number of wrong turns)
Stops for refreshments - 1
Total time taken - 2 hours
Total time staring at map - 15 minutes
Acknowledgment of our existence from other travellers - 4 (a new record)


jb said...

Wrong turns as a result of over-imbibing in Essenheim:?

Helen said...

Unfortunately we can't even blame our geographical embarrassment on being a bit squiffy. We had one apfel schorle and then legged it home due to the nasty looking weather. I suppose it was just one of those days. It was a great ride though.