Sunday, July 06, 2008

Aus seinem Herzen keine Mördergrube machen*

Ich habe schließlich erlebt der berüchtigten deutschen Neigung zu brutalen Ehrlichkeit.

Letzte Woche, während einer improvisierte Besuche von meiner Nachbarin, war ich informiert, dass ich einiges Gewicht gewonnen hatte, da ich mit dem Rauchen und dass vielleicht sollte ich nicht so viel essen.

Ich habe ihr drei wörter, "hart aber fair".

What I meant to say was.....

Don't make a murder's hiding place out of your heart*

I have finally been on the receiving end of the infamous German propensity for brutal honesty.

Last week, during one of my neighbour's frequent impromptu visits, I was informed that I had gained some weight since I stopped smoking and that perhaps I shouldn't eat so much.

I have three words for her, "harsh but fair".

* A German saying that means to speak frankly.


Tessa Enright said...

I can't stand the brutal honesty. There are some things that are just rude, but some Germans seem to think they are entitled to dispense their advice and criticism to anyone.

cuileann said...

Haha. As much as I wanted to think I was all for cultural differences, I was never able to keep from being hurt and rather appalled by my host family's extreme frankness. But you've survived to tell the tale; that's great! I raise my glass to you!

pyjamamel said...

Huh? You have a German nieghbour that makes IMPROMTU visits? (As in -just drops in for a cuppa??) I thought that was more or less illegal here! :)

It has taken me 5 years to cultivate just one nieghbourly relationship like that.

And well done you also - on both coming to grips with German grammar, (very impressive) AND with the smoking. (Both are challenges that sadly elude me...arrgh)

But am happy to say that I can understand your Deutsch well - you must type with an aussie accent!

Anonymous said...

Oh come on! We arent THAT bad...

Helen said...

anon - No, you're not. Just poking a bit of gentle fun.