Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Beichten von einer Ausländerin

Wann bin ich zuerst nach Deutschland gekommen, habe ich so viele lustigen Fehlern gemacht.

Zum beispiel, in meine erste Woche in Deutschland, habe ich degacht:

"Wer war "Herr Einbahn", und was hat er gemacht, dass er so viele strassen nach ihm zu benennen war?"

What I meant to say...

Confessions of a foreigner
When I first came to Germany, I made so many funny blunders.

For example, in my first week in Germany I thought:

"Who was "Herr Einbahn" and what has he done in order for so many streets to be named after him?"

PS. Einbahn = one way

PPS: I still make plenty of funny blunders.


Tessa Enright said...

i read that (in german) to my german boyfriend and he thought it was very funny. he says we have similar german speaking skills (funny). what level class are you in? i am supposedly in b1 but i dont know about that...

Helen said...

Tessa - I've just started my third month of lessons, but in my current course there are some pretty advanced german speakers (and I'm definitely NOT one of them). I am hoping go to school full time and take the B1 Prüfung by the end of the year.

I'm glad to hear that I gave your boyfriend a chuckle.

jb said...

I ended up in Rome in a very inebriated state in the early 70s and spent most of a weekend searching for the "Senso Unico".
Found the Forum, found the Vatican, never did find the Senso Unico