Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Resolution Round-Up

Way back on 2 January 2008, I penned my manifesto for the year.

It is now time to have a look and see how I did.

Item 1: The Body
  • Enough with the smoking already - it will kill you. Stop it.
    Result: WIN - although not without some hiccups and obsessive washing-up.

  • Exercise and fun are not mutually exclusive. Get on your bike, back in the pool, join a team. Anything. Make sure it is fun.
    Result: WIN. Longer rides in the summer, and a year of biking around town.

  • Moderation is not a dirty word.
    Result: FAIL. Bugger.
Item 2: The Mind
  • For your own sanity, try harder to learn to speak German. Sign up for more classes.
    Result: WIN. Apparently language acquisition is very good blogging fodder.

  • Write every day.
    Result: FAIL. For proof, check out the online castigation I cop from my blogging friend, jb, over at Mainz Daily Photo (in the side bar under the heading "introducing").

  • Take photos every day.
    Result: Technically a FAIL, as I didn't take photos everyday, but I give myself an 'honourable mention' for my babysitting of Mainz Daily Photo while jb was away.

  • Read something every day.
    Result: Technically a WIN, as I didn't go around with my eyes closed, but I'm ashamed to say, I still haven't finished this book.

  • Get a job. The life of a Hausfrau can be somewhat tedious.
    Result: FAIL. I promise to try harder next year...
Item 3: The Soul
  • Travel, travel, travel - you live in the middle of Europe, you can go to France to buy cheese if you want - do it.
    Result: WIN. Surprisingly, my travels didn't really get a guernsey on the blogging front, but I can assure you there were trips to Paris, Berlin, a brief Belgium drive-through just for the hell of it, Strasbourg and of course the world's loveliest honeymoon in Scotland.

  • Try 3 new things this year.
    Result: Technically a WIN, but really a FAIL. You can't really count; not smoking, speaking better German and learning to love bike riding as three new things, can you?

  • Make a new friend.
    Result: WIN. Internet, you'll be pleased to know that I still meet up with my language school friends nearly every week. Also, mr & mrs jb are ace and I'm looking forward to having dinner with them tomorrow.

  • Write more letters to Dad.
    Result: FAIL. I have thought about this issue and have decided that it is the whole writing with a pen and paper that just is not doing it for me. I'm much more likely to type a letter than to write it. Does this make me a heathen?

  • De-lurk.
    Result: WIN. You know what, Internet - you're really nice.
Given a gaussian distribution, I'd give me a passing grade.

Stay tuned for the 2009 edition.


jb said...

Flattery will get you absolutely nowhere. Only 2 courses and the usual cheap wine.....

Helen said...

jb - I actually lost count of the number of courses (ie it was way more than 3)...and the wine was lovely.

Virginia said...

You did a lot better this year than I did. Bravo. I enoyed your foray into JB's territory. Well done.

PS Feel free to "lurk" at my blogs. I don't charge a lurking fee!

My word verification is OVEADER. Do you think that's a thinly veiled reference to OVEREATING????