Sunday, June 15, 2008

The first three days

"So, H, how is that non-smoking thing going for you?" asked jb last week.

"Um, not so good, actually," I muttered shamefacedly.

I thought I was ready - but I may have underestimated the need for some proper planning. It really was a bit rash.

I hadn't even made a list.

No one in my family does anything without first making a list. So really the whole first attempt was mere folly.

With list in hand, and head firmly in the right place, I'd like to reflect on my first 3 days as a non-smoker.
  • Time, it seems, has ceased to progress in the normal fashion. It may, in fact, be moving backward. I'm not sure what the consequence of this turn of events will be for the universe, but on a personal level, it is doing my head in.
  • Wow, my apartment is tidy!
  • In my opinion, it is completely rational to burst into tears at the Supermarket.
  • Did I mention the time dilation thing?
  • Wonder if I am replacing an addiction to nicotine with an addiction to taking deep breaths.
  • Facial ticks are normal, right?
  • I can't seem to get enough of that deep breathing action. It's like I am chain breathing.
  • I seem to be unable to concentrate and I don't really care that I can't.
  • At present I am slightly obsessive about washing dishes.
So, if you see someone with a pronounced facial tick, crying in the Supermarket while buying dish washing liquid and breathing deeply, please don't ask them if they know what time it is. They will likely punch you in the head.


G in Berlin said...

I used to (per a help list) light a match, and then breathe deeply (not so deeply as to singe my nose). Like deep breathing, that's another thing to distract your body and to give it some of the habits it's used to while undergoing withdrawal. The deep breaths, as well as being a form of calming auto hypnosis and meditation, also echo the calming effects of deep drags on a cig. It's been since January 1999 and I still remember, and sometimes miss smoking. As a thing to do with my hands, and as a weight control. So, feel good! Most people take several attempts to succeed, and most who make several attempts do. The staging and forethought help. Good luck!

Helen said...

g - thanks for the support. It is appreciated.