Monday, January 05, 2009


New Year Checklist:

Cupboards reorganised....check.

House tidy...check

Navel gazing complete...check.

Right, must be time to do that resolution thingy.

I was fairly specific last year with my resolutions and that worked fairly well as I had a number of specific things I wanted to achieve. I'm in a big picture frame of mind at the moment, so I've developed the following mantra:

"Positive, Active, Creative." [repeat]

Chuck in a few well placed "ommmms" and I could start my own Ashram.

What are your resolutions?


G in Berlin said...

I could say be more proactive, as I don't have any of those end of year things completed yet, but I think I will go with attempting to be more relaxed and mellow, so I don't need to worry about them;)

Helen said...

G - I'm all for relaxed and mellow.