Friday, August 08, 2008

Personal Shopper

Today I tried my hand at being a personal shopper. My language school buddy, Wagner, is attending a wedding this month and needed to buy something to wear. We discussed at length what he wanted - some black (or similarly dark) pants, a belt, a shirt, some shoes and a pair of socks. Also high on the list of desirable attributes was inexpensive. Cool. I love a good bargain shopping expedition.

So off we traipsed to C&A.

Here is where we hit our first hurdle - I can't for the life my me work out how the folk here size their gents trousers, and neither can Wagner. He has an excuse in that he is blind and can't see the swing tags, but I have no such excuse. After a few random size trying ons, we stumbled across a pair of trousers that fit and then I went a bit Carson Kreesley with the shirt and accessories. 

All in all, a fun afternoon.

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