Monday, October 31, 2011


Despite the fact that Halloween is not part of my cultural heritage, I thought I'd get into the spirit this year and carve a pumpkin lantern thingy. A couple of hours of scooping, scraping and cutting yielded fairly pleasing results.


Once illuminated with an old LED bike light it looks spookily festive. (I really need to work on my night photography skills.)
Halloween pumpkin

Fingers crossed that I get some small people in costumes trick-or-treating this evening, as I have an unseemly amount of chocolate to distribute.

On a side note - roasted pumpkin seeds are unexpectedly delicious!


Rute said...

Looks so pretty!

Helen said...

Rute - thanks! After two days, the pumpkin is still in pretty good condition. I'll be sad when it rots.

Kate said...

The lighted pumpkin looks terrific. We get fewer and fewer kiddies with each passing year. The calories I consume with the left-overs add up quickly. Can't resist the temptation.

Helen said...

Kate - I have been trying to resist the siren call of the left over chocolate bars all morning.

G in Berlin said...

That looks fabulous. We skipped Halloween this year: wasn't feeling well and the kids are revved for Thanksgiving at Nana and Grandpa, so it passed without a murmur (and with some Geist and Fledermaus weckermaenner:-)).

Frau Dietz said...

Hello :) I just found you via G in Berlin's blog. I think your pumpkin is awesome - I've never tried doing it myself, but I did give roasting the seeds a go for the first time a couple of weeks ago and you're right, they're really tasty - why did I never think of it before?!!

*waves from across the river* :)

Helen said...

@G - I like the idea of the seasonally appropraite Weckermänner. It will be so lovely for you all to have Thanksgiving with Nana and Grandpa. Enjoy!

@Frau Dietz - Thanks! I am slightly miffed at my American friends for not alerting me sooner to the delights of roasted pumpkin seeds.

*waves back*.

G in Berlin said...

To be fair, I buy roasted pumpkin seeds here at Arab markets and in the US the tradition came from our southern neighbors.
I'll post a picture of the Fledermaus this week: it was yummy.