Thursday, January 20, 2011

The displacement of water

It appears I have been using cheese as a replacement for cigarettes for the last 2 years. In retrospect, not such a cunning plan.

So, it is back to the pool for me. My motto for 2011 is "fight inertia" because I often find the hardest thing is to get started. This project is no exception. What I've been calling research and planning - which pool, should I buy a season pass/multi-pass/single-pass, flippers/no flippers, is actually inertia. Really, it isn't hard to squeeze into a pair of togs and get to the pool.

So, no more research and planning:
  • Swimmers (uncomfortably tight) - check
  • Goggles - check
  • Swimming cap - check
  • Swimming companions - check and check

After a modicum of pubic topiary, I'm all set to test Archimedes' principle.

I can't wait for that after swim buzz.


Kate said...

I went to the link to check out your 15 minutes of fame. Were you the little lovely in the blue and white sailor outfit or the other charmer next to her in the pink outfit? I'm betting on sailor girl. The "bend and stretch, reach for the stars" routine reminds me of my physical therapy exercises. To get in better shape, reach back in memory, and replicate the Romper Room routine...forget about the pool!

G in Berlin said...

I had my first yoga class today- I'm afraid replacing regular exercise and good food with cheese and bread was not very good for me either:(.

Helen said...

@Kate - I feel like a fraud now - I'm not actually in that video. Mercifully there is no extant footage of my appearance on Romper Room.

I like your idea of a adult version of bend and stretch. Just between you and me - I really want a hula-hoop.

@G - how was yoga? I think it highly unfair that cheese isn't overly good for the waist line.

G in Berlin said...

It was jus lovely. I wonder why my legs aren't bending today?

jb said...

"I'm not actually in that video"

Boo, hiss.

This deficiency shall be resolved in my stalking you on your Archimedes project and filming at great length.

jb said...

PS Cool music

Helen said...

@jb - but I AM in the video in the most recent post - I'm the littlest one in the dark one piece cossie (swimming poorly).

I think the music is cool too.