Tuesday, May 15, 2007

St Kilda Syndrome

Think back to 1997, St Kilda had just played in the AFL Grand Final. The very next year, Richard and I moved to Melbourne. It augured well. Richard was a Mordialloc boy - in the heartland of the Saints - and now he could wear his red & black scarf and beanie with pride, right?

Wrong. Soon after we arrived, St Kilda started losing - alot. Richard was steadfast, staunch even, in his continued backing of St Kilda. This was perhaps their problem.

Eight weeks ago we moved to Germany (exciting isn't it). Lo and behold, the place we live has a team in the Bundesliga. We take an interest - afterall - embracing the local culture is important when you are new. With one game in the season to go, our local team is coming second last in the competition and is doomed to relegation.

Coincidence or something more sinister?

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Richard said...

It's really not my fault... honest